Leveraging AI in Learning & development through Custom GPTs

In our recent Power Session on AI for Learning & Development, facilitated by Mathias Vermeulen, we explored the potential of integrating AI into your learning initiatives. One of the key elements discussed was the strategic use of Custom GPTs, tailored versions of ChatGPT designed for specific topics. Below is a summary of what Mathias has shared about this powerful tool.

What is a Custom GPT ?

A Custom GPT is a specialized version of ChatGPT, created to address the unique requirements of its user. With a paid subscription to OpenAI, you can create and utilize custom GPTs, fine-tuning the AI's capabilities to suit specific tasks and challenges.

Custom GPTs are incredibly versatile. Whether you're a business professional looking to streamline operations, a content creator aiming to boost productivity, or an educator wanting to provide personalized learning experiences, custom GPTs can be adapted to your needs. They combine the robust features of ChatGPT with specific instructions and frameworks to optimize their performance for particular uses.

The SkillsGPT: A Case Study

A strong example of a Custom GPT is the SkillsGPT, developed by 360Learning, an online collaborative learning platform. The SkillsGPT helps organizations create and manage skills frameworks essential in today's skill-focused workplace.

Creating a skills framework typically involves extensive research, analysis, and structuring, making it time-consuming and complex. However, the SkillsGPT simplifies this process. By engaging in a guided conversation with the AI, users are asked relevant questions and given directions to help them develop a comprehensive skills framework tailored to their needs.

This approach saves time and ensures the skills frameworks are relevant. The SkillsGPT exemplifies how custom GPTs can turn complicated tasks into more manageable and efficient processes.

Another powerful example of a custom GPT is the Evidence-Based Management GPT, developed by CEBMa. For more information, check our blog post about this free tool.

The Future of Custom GPTs

Custom GPTs represent another significant advancement in artificial intelligence. By enabling users to create tailored AI models, businesses can achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and innovation.

The SkillsGPT demonstrates how these tools can streamline traditional processes and enhance their effectiveness. As technology continues to evolve, the potential for Custom GPTs to transform various industries is immense, leading to a future where AI is an integral part of our professional lives.


About Mathias Vermeulen

Mathias Vermeulen is a cornerstone (pun intended) in Learning & Development, expertly navigating the field's challenges, from tech tools and the evolving role of L&D professionals to myths, trends, and the science behind learning.

As the founder of Winston Wolfe, Mathias helps organizations develop effective (digital) learning policies. He is also the co-founder of Dutch & Dillon, which specializes in mobile learning. Mathias serves on the board of VOV Lerend Netwerk and is a lecturer at Vives University of Applied Sciences.

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