Hiring for cultural fit – do or don’t?

When hiring new talent, one requirement that is often talked about, is the culture fit – the idea that a candidate should have personality traits that would make them complementary to their coworkers. “I understand why it sounds appealing,” says Iulia Cioca, HR Scientist at Balance HR. “But reinforcing the corporate culture will likely lead to less diverse opinions and ways of working.”

In the video below, filmed during one of our Virtual Coffee workshops, Iulia talks about the downfalls of hiring for culture fit and suggests a valuable alternative. “According to scientific research, openness and learning ability are two important qualities to screen candidates for,” she explains.



“People who are open and eager to learn are likely to challenge rather than dismiss ideas different from their own,” says Iulia. “On top of that, they’re often more accepting of other people, driving inclusion in the workplace.”

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