Leveraging AI in REcruitment: HOW TO USE PROMPTS IN CHATGPT   

In our recent Power Session on AI for Recruitment, facilitated by Stijn De Rammelaere, we explored the potential of integrating AI into recruitment strategies. Stijn shared valuable insights into the effective use of AI in recruitment. Among the elements discussed was the strategic use of prompts. Below, Stijn provides four essential insights to optimize your interaction with ChatGPT for recruitment purposes.

What is a prompt? 

A prompt serves as the textual cue guiding interactions with ChatGPT or similar large language models. It directs the conversation or inquiry, aiming to elicit specific responses tailored to your needs. 

Tip 1: Integrate Instructions

Integrate clear instructions within your prompts to steer ChatGPT towards the desired output. AI excels at executing complex instructions. For instance, you could say, "Generate six interview questions for a Technical Sales Professional at [company name], focusing three on technical skills and three on behavioral competencies.”

Tip 2: Assign a Role

Guide ChatGPT's responses by assigning it a specific role. Craft your prompt to depict a role for ChatGPT, such as "you are a seasoned technical recruiter with extensive expertise in the engineering sector." This primes the neural network to produce responses that are more insightful.

Tip 3: Include Examples

Illustrate your expectations by providing concrete examples within your prompts. This helps ChatGPT's comprehension, enabling it to craft responses aligned with your objectives. You might add instructions such as "Format the answer like this" or "Follow the logic of this example."

Tip 4: Provide Context

Adding context will help in shaping the answer. However, be mindful not to overwhelm ChatGPT with unnecessary details that may distract from the recruitment task at hand. You might mention, "An experienced team member has departed, and we urgently need a replacement who is ready to hit the ground running."

Conclusion: Mastering AI Prompts the Power of Prompts in AI 

In conclusion, leveraging prompts in AI is a method to obtain specific responses tailored to your needs and perspective. As AI becomes increasingly integrated into workplace processes, mastering effective prompts will be indispensable.   


About Stijn De Rammelaere 

Stijn is a seasoned entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Growing pAI, specializing in providing tailored data science and AI solutions for companies. Additionally, he is the founder of SHFT, dedicated to offering entrepreneurs an external perspective through advisory board positions. Stijn's entrepreneurial journey also includes the founding of Profacts.