Buzzing tools - first proposal  (690 x 207 px) (4)buzzing tools: CEBMa's gpt 

Many of us would like to make more evidence-based decisions in our HR work, but often the process seems difficult, and we don’t know where to start. To bridge this gap, CEBMa has crafted a GPT tool designed to answer your questions across a broad spectrum of evidence-based topics.

There are many resources out there to guide you on your evidence-based management journey: books, webinars, and guides. However, AI has recently captured our attention, and rightfully so, with its potential uses across our work. So, CEBMa developed a GPT that offers detailed answers to your questions about evidence-based management. It was trained using CEBMa resources, such as the Center’s textbook, online courses, and other publications.

The GPT is useful when you’re looking for in-depth answers to specific questions for evidence-based decisions. For example, you might know that evidence from stakeholders is one of the four sources of evidence to consider when making a decision. You might wonder, "How do you go about collecting stakeholder evidence?" or "How to identify who they are?" Asking these questions to the CEBMa GPT will get you useful and practical information in a matter of seconds.

Let’s look at Chris, who is a Senior Recruiter. She wants to make some changes to the recruitment process for Customer Support roles, to make it more evidence-based and effective. She is now at the point where she wonders if she has mapped all the stakeholders of this decision and how to get evidence from them. She turns to the CEBMa GPT and types, “How should I collect stakeholders’ evidence?”. The GPT lists 10 steps she has to follow, including sampling a group of stakeholders to get evidence from, choosing quantitative vs. qualitative methods, and monitoring social media. Her next question is, “Who are my stakeholders in recruitment?” and the GPT lists internal, external, as well as connected, direct, and indirect stakeholders from whom Chris can get evidence.

The CEBMa GPT can be accessed at this link. In time, it might become a members-only resource. Remember that by becoming a CEBMa member, you gain access to countless other resources, besides the GPT.