balance hr welcomes Anna Dzhabroyan to strengthen the hr officers' team

Brussels, 17 January 2024Balance HR, a pioneering leader in HR interim management in Belgium, is excited to welcome Anna Dzhabroyan to their team. Anna joins as an HR Officer, marking another full-time member joining the growing Balance HR family. 

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Anna's Journey 

In June, Anna successfully graduated with a Master's in Business Administration, specializing in People and Change Management from KU Leuven, where she also served as a PhD Research Assistant. Sharing a similar academic journey with Emily Vandensteen, esteemed HR Officer of Balance HR, Anna's connection with Balance HR was sparked during discussions about their careers and future aspirations. 

Since January, Anna has taken on the role of HR Officer. She will oversee office affairs and a broad spectrum of HR responsibilities, including talent acquisition, learning and development, and rewards.

Embarking on her first experience in the professional world, Anna reflects, "During my job search, Balance HR stood out as the top choice. I appreciate the familial atmosphere and the impact you can make here. Working closely with the team is something I value a lot."

Edward Vanhoutte, founder of Balance HR, adds, "I met Anna through Emily, and from our first meeting, there was a connection. Anna shares the values we uphold within Balance HR, and her impressive organizational skills will enhance our processes. Combined with her positive spirit, her qualities will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of our organization.”

About Balance HR – Better Work for All

Founded in 2009, Balance HR is a quality-driven HR partner exclusively focused on HR interim management. 

Is your HR team out of balance due to a critical project or the temporary absence of a key team member? Or does it need targeted expertise or empowerment? Balance HR connects organizations with its community of HR interim managers to restore and ensure the balance.

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