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basic ingredients to foster diversity in recruitment

In our previous article, we highlighted how critical diversity is during the recruitment processsimilar to having all the ingredients on the table before baking a cake. Now, let's delve into practical tips, grounded in scientific research, to bake diversity into your hiring practices 


1) Develop a Strong Employer Brand 

Scientific research indicates that some elements usually entailed in employer branding can get a more diverse pool of people to apply for a job.  

Targeted marketing is a concept of advertising and means customizing the ads based on the target audience. In recruitment, it could mean advertising for your company as an employer by including cues of language, symbols, or a model of similar ethnic background to encourage applicants from ethnic minorities. This customized ad is more likely to get people from the target group to apply for jobs in your organization(Gordon, McDermott, Stead & Angus, 2006). 

Other ways to make your diversity efforts more convincing is to prove it rather than just describe it. For example, publish diversity KPIs or photos of concrete initiatives you’ve put in place.

Also, keep it human – rather than presenting numbers and information. Have a person describe them or translate them into their impact on people in your organization (Koen De Brouwer, BDDB). 

We know some of these tips require time and effort. This is why you might consider dedicating your efforts to a target group for a longer time rather than switching focus often or dispersing your efforts on all types of diversity.  


2) Craft Objective Job Requirements 

The job requirements play a crucial role in the job ad but can sometimes discourage potential candidates when they're too numerous. What can you do about it? 

First, challenge each requirement from the hiring manager and prioritize only the essential ones. Consider allowing applicants to apply even if they don't meet the "nice-to-have" criteria. 

Second, frame requirements objectively, focusing on competencies, skills, and specific experiences rather than personal attributes or specific job titles. 


3) Create an Inclusive Job Ad 

Ultimately, the published job ad is what the applicants see. Reduce the implicit biases which might creep in: for example, you might be describing a stereotypical man rather than a woman, which can discourage women from ever applying. You can check the gender bias in your job ad using a free online tool ( ). 

Additionally, sharing your company's diversity approach can attract diverse applicants without compromising quality or quantity of the overall pool (Ibanez, 2018). Begin by including a straightforward statement of your diversity policies in every job ad.  

And what better way to show your commitment to diversity than making the job ad accessible? Here, accessibility means ensuring your ads are not only easy to find but also to understand for a wide range of candidates. Ensure job ads are accessible, considering layout, text, images, color schemes, and the use of emojis.  

These concise tips can help you enhance diversity in your recruitment practices. Follow us to read about similar tips to apply during employee selection!