DEI: what's in the mix?

In today's organizational landscape, many companies are striving to enhance diversity of their workforce. However, this journey is often bumpy, with challenges such as gaining management support, implementing tangible changes, and investing in costly interventions with little evidence of success.

We aim to support our fellow HR professionals by offering practical tips rooted in evidence from scientific research. Over the next three articles, we will delve into the 'why' and 'how' of fostering diversity during recruitment and selection, much like the art of baking a delectable cake.

Understanding DEI

Just as a cook benefits from a written recipe, we too can benefit from clarifying some commonly used terms:

Diversity encompasses the mosaic of differences within a group, akin to the ingredients that make up a cake. In the workplace, this often means demographics like age, sexual orientation, marital status, wealth, political beliefs, and more.

Equity recognizes that uniform treatment may fall short in an uneven playing field. It champions approaches that address individual needs – much as treating each unique ingredient with specific techniques.

Inclusion refers to cultivating a work environment where every individual feels valued and supported, regardless of their background or characteristics. Think of this as different cupcakes coming together.


Both Diversity and Inclusion Should be the Destination

While diversity serves as the initial step, much like gathering ingredients for a cake, inclusion stands as the ultimate goal. Rather than fostering inclusion within a less diverse organization, we should aspire to build a diverse workforce that prospers in an inclusive environment.

Why Diversity Matters in Recruitment

Recruitment and selection lay the groundwork for diversity. Without proactively reaching out to a diverse pool of applicants and attracting them to our opportunities, achieving a diverse workforce is all but impossible. Similarly, during the selection process, our decisions have the power to either increase or undermine diversity.

Stay tuned for more practical tips on fostering diversity during recruitment and selection in our upcoming articles. The journey towards a diverse workforce continues!