Plant a tree for a flourishing year!

As we step into the new year, we would like to thank you, our freelancers and partners, for the many successful missions we’ve completed. We look forward to continuing to grow together and wish you a flourishing 2022!

To celebrate our fruitful collaborations, we are donating a personalized tree to Bos+ on behalf of each freelancer we’ve worked with in 2021. And we’d like to invite you to join in.


The gift that keeps on giving

Did you know that one mature tree absorbs about 25 kilograms of CO2 per year? That’s why trees are the gift that keeps on giving. And growing.

So far, we have donated 55 trees to Bos+, a non-profit organization dedicated to forest conservation and reforestation. We want to encourage you to gift one (or more!) too. For every tree donated through Balance HR before January 20th, we will donate another one*. How?

  • Click here if you’re making a donation as an individual. / Click here if you’re donating as a company.
  • Fill out the form. Under ‘Wat is jouw boodschap voor op het boomlabel?’ add a personalized message. It’ll be printed on a card that’s carefully tied to your tree.
  • Send an email to, with the subject "Personalized tree", and in the body of the email the full name(s) for whom you donated a tree.

Once the delicate roots of your tree have had the time to take to their new surroundings, you can come visit it to watch it grow. We will provide you with the exact location of where to find it.

Celebrating new green life

The first trees to be ordered for the Balance HR grove will be planted January 22nd, near the Buitengoed Oostende domain. Feel free to join us that day, to celebrate the beginning of a new year in a beautiful, natural setting. Aside from the forest, there’s a petting zoo, a farm shop and a ‘pick-your-own farm’, where you can harvest your own organic crops. See you there?

We wish you a flourishing 2022!

* with a maximum of 55 extra trees